BENJAMIN BUBB °1992 – British/Belgian

Benjamin’s early years were nomadic as he moved often with his musician parents. Consequently Benjamin established a keen interest in arts and music at a young age. Benjamin’s education pathway was unconventional; after starting at a Steiner-Waldorf school he moved on to regional fine arts schools, but decided aged 16 to dedicate himself to painting full-time. He has travelled extensively, working in various artistic disciplines. Benjamin’s work is densely layered and extends across a diverse range of media. He explores the coherence of space and time, as experienced in single moments. Ben’s practice is multi-disciplinary and celebrates both labour and natural splendour.
Benjamin has collaborated with and produced work for the European Union, International Galleries, Institutions and Private Companies including the Jan De Nul Group and Société Générale.


JULIEN FORNARI art historian


Benjamin creates a contrastive, clair-obscur view of a near fossilised impact on landscape and natural anomalies.
He shows them in certain power and greatness, as well as in their ephemerality.
When a wave becomes a metaphor its poetry becomes unstoppable.
As does the surfer in action. The wave as a metaphor for human condition.
Fortune and misfortune. Bubb is intrigued by the superhuman and puts an end to anthropocentrism.
The sense of being alive, by times represented by a hint of certain derealisation.